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Milind Bhanji – Painting, Plein Air Watercolor Artist, Landscape, Compositions …

“My painting gives the aesthetic, emotional and objective experience to my audience”

Milind Bhanji as professional conceptual painting and plein air watercolor artist from INDIA.

Milind Bhanji has achieved National, International awards, exhibition participations, art workshops with numerous awards, certificates, mementos and more…

His artistic experimentation, and aesthetic experience are conveyed through his conceptual paintings in various media. His watercolor painting style is fluid, transparent, realistic, creating the moods and aesthetic feels to the audience. His Paintings elaborate on Indian culture, human figures, ancient temples and architecture of India.

He has recognized with national, international honors for his paintings, and giving aesthetic experience on the walls of many private and IT Industry and Corporate collectors.

My Paintings elaborate on Indian culture human figures, ancient temples architectures of India.

Watercolor Paintings
Bhalchandra Ganesh | INDIA
Conceptual Watercolor Painting : Milind Bhanji #milindbhanji
Size: 14×21 Inch | Date: 09 Sep 2022
Ellora Making | INDIA
Conceptual Watercolor Painting : Milind Bhanji #milindbhanji
Size: 14×21 Inch | Date: 01 Oct 2022
Pirates End | INDIA
Conceptual Watercolor Painting : Milind Bhanji #milindbhanji
Size: 14×21 Inch | Date: 03 Oct 2022
God Shiv | INDIA | Watercolor | Jun 2022 | Size: 11×14 inch
God Shiv | INDIA | Watercolor | Oct 2021 | Size: 56×38 CM
Dharasur Temple | Size: 22×15 Inch
130th All India Annual Art Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery from 01-07 March 2022
Title: Old Empire
Medium: Watercolor On Paper
Size: 15×22 Inch
Lord Vishnu Chariot | Size: 22×15 Inch
Buddha’s Way | Size: 22×15 Inch
1st Place in Professional Category in the ArtFest Competition organized by IVS School Of Design & Gallery Art’este SOLD
Great Empire | INDIA “Shaniwar Wada At Pune INDIA”
Date: 26 Sep 2021 | Size: A2
Rajasthan INDIA | Watercolor Painting | Size: 15×22 Inch
Buddhas Way (Night) | Size: 14×14 Inch
Shiva Temple | Size: 11×14 Inch SOLD
Naroshankar Temple Nashik| Size: 11×14 Inch SOLD
Watercolor Painting
Waiting For God Size 14×21 Inch | watercolor on paper
Vitthal Rise Size 11×14 Inch | Watercolor on paper
I created beauty, believe on God, depth and religions experience for my audience. Size 11×16 Inch SOLD

My paintings sold and displayed wright place in Sri Lanka 2022

Gondeshwar Temple| Size: 11×14 Inch
Kedarnath | INDIA
Size: 14×22 Inch |Nov 2021 | Watercolor
Khajuraho | 14×11 Inch
Ellora Series | INDIA
Size: 11×14 Inch | 03 Jun 2021 | Color: Daniel Smith
Budhas Way| Size: 14×19 Inch

Buddhas Way | Size: 11×14 Inch | SOLD
Charminar | Size: 11×14 Inch
Siv Temple | SOLD
Ellora Elephant | Watercolor Painting | Size: 11×14 Inch
Watercolor Painting
Buddha | Watercolor Painting | 11×14 Inch
Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple, Sinnar | Size 22×15 Inch Nov 2021
Shiv Malhar | Size14x11 Inch 2021 SOLD
Buddhas Way (Suleman Caves) | INDIA | Size: 11×14 Inch | 27 Aug 2021
“Buddha Purnima” – INDIA
May Lord Buddha guide us on the path of love, peace and truth. .
Contemporary Watercolor Painting By: Milind Bhanji #milindbhanji
Size: 21×14 Inch | Date: 16 May 2022
I am giving to audience, peace experience of Lord Shiva through my painting Size: 14×19 Inch
Empress Garden | 09×12 Inch
Wagheshwar Temple | 11×14 Inch
Nilkanth | 11×14 Inch


His experimentation and aesthetic experience are conveyed through his paintings. Each painting and landscape a light and shadow applied with a shade similar to the nature. His style in watercolor is fluid and transparent, giving a realistic and aesthetic feel to his paintings.


“His Paintings and Landscapes is an emotional and aesthetic experience of the subject for audience”

His paintings give experience of beauty and throughs to audience


30 + Yrs. Milind has showcased his works in exhibitions and group shows in India and International platform. Milind has successfully conducted his shows and has been appreciated for his artwork.

About Us

Milind Bhanji, a creative painting and landscape artist. He studied Dip. in Art Education from J. J. School of Art, Mumbai and G. D. Art (Painting) from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune with 1st class.

He was inspired by Rembrandt and started experimenting with realistic compositions and landscapes. Milind used human figures and nature in his paintings.  

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